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Meet the Utah Tax Lawyer and His Team
Fighting for Your Financial Future

Get to know the people behind your case. Learn more about the team helping you get your feet back on the ground and overcome the tax debt that’s causing you so much stress and pain.

Jordan Wilcox

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347 West Gordon Avenue, Suite 3
Layton, UT 84041
Phone: 801-657-5951
Toll Free: 888-689-5744
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  • 8 Years of Unfiled Returns

    Taxpayer with 8 years unfiled returns came in terrified of how much she “owed” the IRS. Instead of owing the IRS anything, she received a refund. 
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  • Inventor Hadn't Filed for Years

    An inventor came in with years of unfiled tax returns and liabilities exceeding $400,000. This case resulted in a settlement that provided almost 90% reduction in tax liability. 
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  • Couple with Tax Liabilities

    A married couple had tax liabilities exceeding $100,000. With hard work and research, we were able to qualify the taxpayers for an Offer in Compromise of less than $5,000 dollars.
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