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You shouldn’t have to face the IRS on your own. Get the tips you need to negotiate better and understand your tax burden in Utah from attorney Jordan Wilcox’s blog.

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The IRS does not play fair when it comes to collecting unpaid taxes. They do not care about the back story as to why the tax problem exists, or the personal problems you may have faced in your life which set this process into action. The IRS certainly does not care if you try to tell the story yourself. Any efforts to deal with the tax problem yourself generally ends with the same result. If you contact the IRS they will pepper you for information such as where you are employed, where you bank, where you live, how much retirement you have, and other personal information. They have one goal in mind in asking these questions, and that is to find out just how they can collect from you. They gather this information and then before you know it your bank account is zeroed out, or your paycheck is one tenth of what you expected it to be. This is not fair, and it is not right. I battle the IRS for taxpayers like you on a daily basis to make sure that you are not taken advantage of, and I always negotiate the best possible deal for my clients. I am excited that you have found me and I hope that you have found the information on my website to be full of valuable information. Please surf around and explore the site. Don't hesitate to contact my office and schedule your free consultation with me, your local, licensed tax attorney. You can reach my office day or night, 24 hours a day at 801-657-5951. The IRS has caused you enough sleepless nights, Sleep well again! I look forward to ending your IRS nightmare.

How to Find an Alternative Solution to Tax Debt in Utah

Even after reading through the list of alternative solutions to Utah tax problems, talking to the IRS, and discussing your situation with friends and family, you’re still overwhelmed. It makes sense. There is a wealth of information out there, but how do you know which tax alternative is right for you? More importantly, how do you know how each one will effect your future?

How to Decide Which Alternative Tax Solution Is Right for You

Before you decide which alternative solution is best for your family and unique situation, there are a few things to consider. Here’s how you can start:

Identify the specific problem standing in your way. What specifically is making it difficult for you to pay back your taxes? Is it the extra penalties added on by the IRS, or was it your spouse who caused you to get into tax debt without your knowing? Get very specific about what it is that put you in the position, and what you are up against when trying to pay back your taxes.
Do your due diligence. Research to find out more about the alternative solutions that you could use to overcome your tax debt. Is one solution better than the other? Does one have worse consequences over the long term?
Talk to a tax professional in Utah. Your friends and family might only have answers that fit their personal situations. The IRS cannot be relied upon to give you all of the details. The only person you can trust to help you decide which solution is right for you is a tax professional well-versed in tax law.

If after you’ve already considered all of this you are still unsure of what to do, help is available.

Tax attorney Jordan Wilcox understands the struggle you face. He can help you break down what each alternative solution really means for you. He might also find other alternative solutions you did not know were available to you. Contact him before agreeing to any alternative tax solution so you can be sure you make the right choice for your family.

Don’t Delay: Why You Should Call a Utah Tax Attorney Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’re like many people faced with tax debt, you never imagined yourself on this side of the law. You never pictured yourself as someone who would need the help of an attorney. Now that your door is getting beaten down by IRS revenue officers almost on a daily basis, it’s time to call a Utah tax attorney to help with your case.

Knowing when to call is not easy. You might think:

You don’t need a tax attorney until after the IRS revenue officer has offered you a settlement deal.
You should hear the IRS revenue officer out by having him over to your house.
You can just keep the IRS quiet by making the payments slowly but surely.

It’s risky to follow any of these beliefs. Instead, it is important to get a tax attorney on your side as soon as possible so you do not fall further victim to the harassment and stress brought on by the IRS.

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Reach Out to a Utah Tax Attorney

It’s normal to hesitate calling an attorney for help, but the truth of the matter is waiting can make your situation a lot more difficult. Experienced tax attorneys in Utah know what you’re going through. They understand how difficult it is to make the phone call asking for help, and how stressful your situation is. They will not make you feel worse about calling and seeking guidance on your tax burden.

Here are three more major reasons you should call a tax attorney today!

You could pay less than you owe now. The IRS revenue officers will not let you know that you can pay less than you owe now. They will try to get as much as they can out of you. A tax attorney will go through each of the types of tax problems you’re up against and recommend the best solutions for your situation.
You could avoid additional penalties. As time goes on, your penalties will add up. A tax attorney will help you resolve your debt in a way that pays back what you owe faster, for less money, and with fewer fees.
You will sleep better at night. You don’t have to keep living with this stress. The minute you put the burden on a tax attorney to help you manage your tax debt you will feel more at ease. Let a tax attorney take that burden off your shoulders.

The IRS is a powerful organization supported by the federal government. It is almost impossible to take on the IRS by yourself. If you think you might be in trouble with the IRS or the Utah Tax Commission, contact Jordan Wilcox, a Utah tax lawyer, and give your burden to him!

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