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If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, take action! Contact my office today to set up your free consultation and take the first step in ending your IRS nightmare.

The IRS does not play fair when it comes to collecting unpaid taxes. They do not care about the back story as to why the tax problem exists, or the personal problems you may have faced in your life which set this process into action. The IRS certainly does not care if you try to tell the story yourself. Any efforts to deal with the tax problem yourself generally ends with the same result. If you contact the IRS they will pepper you for information such as where you are employed, where you bank, where you live, how much retirement you have, and other personal information. They have one goal in mind in asking these questions, and that is to find out just how they can collect from you. They gather this information and then before you know it your bank account is zeroed out, or your paycheck is one tenth of what you expected it to be. This is not fair, and it is not right. I battle the IRS for taxpayers like you on a daily basis to make sure that you are not taken advantage of, and I always negotiate the best possible deal for my clients. I am excited that you have found me and I hope that you have found the information on my website to be full of valuable information. Please surf around and explore the site. Don't hesitate to contact my office and schedule your free consultation with me, your local, licensed tax attorney. You can reach my office day or night, 24 hours a day at 801-657-5951. The IRS has caused you enough sleepless nights, Sleep well again! I look forward to ending your IRS nightmare.

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