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I’m Jennifer Coltrin the legal receptionist and office administrative manager at the Law office of Jordan F. Wilcox.  This is an exciting new career for me and I am looking forward to serving our amazing clients.

I recently moved back to Utah after living in Texas for the last nine years. It is great to be back and surrounded by mountains again! I graduated from High School in Portland, Oregon and then moved onto college at Byu-Idaho. I have four beautiful children Samantha, Brittney, Owen and Max who keep my life busy and my heart full!

The last four years I pursued a career in personal training where I was able to help people achieve their goals of a healthier lifestyle. Growing up with three brothers and being the only girl, I was always active and tend to lean on the competitive side. Whether I’m throwing weights around the gym or going for a run it is definitely a stress relief for me.  I have always had a passion not only for the fitness industry but having ability to help people improve their lives.  For this reason, I am very excited to be a part of the Jordan F. Wilcox team to help our clients de-stress and improve their situations. I look forward to meeting each of you! 

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