I’m Jules-Legal Assistant and Firm Office Manager.  I’ve been with THE LAW OFFICES OF JORDAN F. WILCOX since we opened our doors. 

A little bit about me personally- I graduated from Cyprus High School, and attended college at Salt Lake Community.  I’m currently studying to become our Law offices 2nd Enrolled Agent, in order to add another hat to what I do.  It also allows myself the opportunity to negotiate for our clients that I so very much respect.  I’m also the firm’s Legal Assistant and Office Manager.  I love the work I do.  It’s rewarding to help others and make their lives better.

I’m married to Kyle Olsen, who is an ER nurse.  I get to hear all of the awesome and gruesome details of his job on a daily basis. He gets to help people heal physically from their traumatic injuries, and I have the privilege of helping our clients heal emotionally from the trauma of the IRS.  We’re a good team.  I have two energized and awesome little boys- Miles and Crosby.  They keep me going and are the highlight of my existence.

I grew up all over Utah, and claim Idaho as a second home as well. After living in the Boise area for 3 years, we fell in love with the area and people there, and Boise still has a little piece of our hearts.

I love to run, it’s my stress therapy. I found it to be a punishing passion after I ran my first full Marathon in 2012, and I loved every agonizing minute of it.  I also love to do the Ragnar relay races and try to participate annually in those.

I love to laugh.  I’m a long time SNL, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien fan.  I love music. My family refers to me as the human radio because of my passion for music, and the fact that no matter what genre, era, etc. I somehow know all of the words to every song ever made… well almost. 

This career has been extremely rewarding to see the change we make in people’s lives for the better.  It’s great to work with a passionate team, and an Attorney who truly cares about our clients.  I enjoy what I do and the people I get to meet in the process.  Myself, along with our team here at the Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox look forward to the opportunity to make your life better as well.

Jules Olsen

The Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox, P.C.
347 West Gordon Avenue, Layton, UT 84041

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